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Samba Dashami - Lord Surya Odia Festival of Odisha

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Samba Dashami is a festival of Odisha state of India. This festival was celebrated on Odia month Paush month that is between December to January. This festival is celebrated in most of Odisha parts and also this festival also celebrated in some parts of India. This day mothers observe this puja with some special rituals dedicated to Lord Surya for the Good health of their children. This day people also decorated with lights the place where this Samba dashami will celebrate. This festival every year celebrated on Sukla Paksha 1th day. Also some historical importance are their for this festival from many years. In this article we have added short details about Samba dashami festival dates, historical details and Rituals then just read the full topic carefully to get the details about it.

Historical Tradition Of Samba Dashami

According to the Historical facts Samba is the son of Lord Krishna and he is affected by leprosy. Samba was cured after 12 years by Sun God Surya near Konark. After this day this festival is celebrated in every Odia family. For this reason on this day mothers pray to Lord surya for good health their children. On the Puja day legend of Samba Dasami Brata Katha was read by mothers. Also in the same day evening time another puja was observed name is Mahakala Puja. This Mahakala Puja was dedicated to Lord Yama, where Budha Chakuli offered to Lord Yama.

Rituals of Samba Dashami

The Samba Dashami day women in the family bath before sunrise. After bathing in the family various types of dishes are prepared for this festival and also in this day various types of foods are offered to Lord Surya in the name of family member name. After foods offered to Lord surya then women prepared various types of Pitha. That day noon time in a bowl of turmeric water with betel taken to chaunra mula. Also cooked various types of Dishes are served in a plate. Also women in the family watch Lord Surya though the bowl of turmeric water. Also lastly the book was read name is Samba Dasami Brata Katha.
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