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Dhabaleswar Temple of Cuttack, Odisha

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Dhabaleswar Temple is one of the most famous temple of Odisha. This temple was devoted to Lord Shiva. The Dhabaleswar Temple is situated at cuttack. Also a big story is their related to this temple. As per the information in books many years ago a thief stolen a black bull calf from the nearest village and due to fear the thief is go to this Shiva temple. Mostly the villages are searching the black bull calf with angry mood waited outside the temple  and the villagers listen the calf calling out. After thief see the crowd outside then thief is prayed to Lord Shiva for save him in this situation.

After some moment Lord Shiva is appeared as Sanyassin and then Sanyassin while face the villagers then villagers said about the stolen black bull calf is in the temple. After listening the crowd Sanyassin brought the calf outside then calf color turned from black to white and then villagers said to thief to go. Also after some few moment Sanyassin is disappeared and the thief is realized that Sanyassin is Lord Shiva. After thief realizing everything then he apologize to the villagers. Also due to this reason the thief is work in this Temple for rest of his life. Mostly due to the act of a black calf color is change in to white this place named as Dhabaleswara.

The Dhabaleswar  name means by following the story is Dhabala  is white and  Eeswar is God. The Dhabaleswar Temple was constructed by Bir Kishor, ruler of Khurda.The temple mostly located at River Mahanadi. Mostly the temple another attractive point is Dhabaleswar hanging bridge connects the mainland that is giving an amazing feeling to every tourist.  Also below the hanging bridge some boating facilities are available for visitors get better feeling with nature.  As per the information this temple was built in 1232 AD. This temple is one of the best ideal place for visiting any season. Mostly the temple was in present time all types of repairing works done by Bhubaneswar Development Authority. This place is one of the best place of Odisha.

How to Visit Dhabaleswar Temple

Road : All types of roads are connected to this place. Also many Bus, private taxi services are avialbe in this place.

Railway : Cuttack railway station is the nearest railway station to the place.

Air Ways : Bhubaneswar International airport is nearest to this place. Then you can easily use any service to visit the place.
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