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BSE Odisha Class IX Online Enrollment For HSC Examination 2018

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 BSE odisha online registration for high school certification examination 2018 is starting from 9th September 2016. Odisha online enrolment for class-ix students for hsc examination 2018 is processing through online at Board of Secondary Education of Odisha official website.  Mostly Head of the Institutions can fill up the details or help students in this bse odisha registration for hsc examination 2018.  Also schools heads can take help from DEo Office or e-Vidyalaya or DPC Office or DlETs if schools are not have internet facility.

 As per the notice BSE Odisha class 9th online enrolment process last date is 23rd September 2016 at 11.45 pm. So students online registration 2018 for HSC exam is started then you can contact your school for details.

Odisha online Enrolment for class-ix students for HSC examination 2018 Procedure

1 This online application format is categorized with three ways that is
  • School  Profile
  • Student  Registration
  • Registered  Student  List
2 School Profile is filled by starting with uploading the Head of institution full signature. Now correctly enter your all School details then press the Submit button to move to Next step.

3 Keep  the  scanned  copy  of  photos  &  full  signature  of  all  students  ready  before going   for   registration.   Scanned   images   should   have   to   be   saved   by   their names,  so that  same  shall  not  be interchanged.

4 While   filling   up   the   registration   form   of   the   candidate,   the   Head   of   the Institution   should   fill   up   all   information   correctly,   particularly   the   Name, Father/Mother  Name  &  DOB.  The  1st,  2nd &  3rdlanguage  subjects  shall  have  to be  selected  correctly  from  the  drop down  failing  which,  the  student  will  not  get customized  OMR  Answer  sheet  in the Examination.

5 In  case 1st language  of  the  candidate  is  other  than  FLO,  an  extra  field  will  be shown   i.e  MTH,  GSC  &  SSC.  This  field  refers  to  medium  of  language  for appearing  in  other  subjects  i.e  MTH,  GSC &  SSC  which  has  to  be  selected correctly.

6 Photo  &  full  signature  of  the student  in  proper  file  &  size  have  to  be  uploaded for avoiding  any complicacy  in future.

7 The  Vocational  Trades  have  been  introduced  in  208  schools  from  2016-2017 in  Class  X.  The  students  of  these  schools  can  choose  any  one  trade  from  two trades  opened  in each school  in lieu  of third language  subject.

8 After  entering  all  fields,  the  entered  information  has  to  be  again  checked  / edited  before  Clicking “SUBMIT”button.

9 You   can   fill   up   application   forms   one   after  another  of  those  number  of students,  for which  enrolment  fee has  been  deposited.

10 In  case  you  require  to  enrol  more  number  of  students,  enrolment  fee  of those   students   have   to   be   deposited   in   the   Online application,   so   that software  will  allow  you to  enrol  the  students.

11 After   completion  of  all  registration,  you  can  click  on  “Registered  list  of Students”  to visualise  the entire registration  done by you.

12 This  time  you  are  being  given  another  chance  to  view  &  edit  the  information submitted  by  you.  Therefore  you  are  once  again  allowed  to  edit  the  data  of students.

13 After  completion  of  edit  and  when  you  are  doubly  sure  that,  all  information entered  are  correct,  Click  on “Final Submit”button.  After  doing  this  nothing can  be  edited  and  you  will  be  directed  to  download  your  “Descriptive  Roll” (DR).

14 After  completion  of  enrolment  of  a  particular  phase,  you  can  download  DR of  those  students.  You  can  do  the  enrolment  as  many  times,  however  it  is advised  to do the  same  once.

 Is you are facing any problem for  Odisha Class IX students Online Registration Process then just use the below comment box and share your problem with us to know your details. Also don't forget to share this information with your friends to help other to know the details.
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